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           TB is preventable, it's time to get rid of this scourge 

 19 August 2015

         Land compensation's by central law - BJD wants all land dependents compensated: Kalikesh Singh Deo

 8 May 2015

         Interlinking of Balangir ponds to be revived

 15 April 2015

         Odisha MP for greener, sustainable energy for his constituency 

 31 March 2015
         MP Mr Kalikesh Singh Initiates Low Carbon Development Plans in Bolangir   30 March 2015

           Why has BJP not explained schemes to Parliament yet- gimmickry lasts only so long: Kalikesh Singh Deo  

 14 January 2015

         On Human Rights Day, BJD MP Kalikesh Singh Deo invites parliamentarians for talk on bonded labour   

 9 December 2014

         Budget 2013: Opposition gives a thumbs down to budget, calls it 'jugglery'

 28th February 2013

         "I have read To Kill a Mockingbird seven times"

 December 2012

Youth must participate more in politics, even if indirectly : Kalikesh Singh Deo                      

2nd December 2012 
Young Parliamentarians to ask PM to review clean energy fund
14th November 2012
Centre nod for R-APDRP assistance for CESU
30th October 2012
Balangir MP seeks handloom cluster
30th October 2012
MP Kalikesh Singh Deo questioned the metrics that define poverty         
13th August 2012
Political tug-of-war puts brakes on wagon factory
18th May 2012
India Today Mind Rocks 2011: Charge of the Young Brigade
24th September 2011
Balangir MP Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo bats for rail wagon unit at Kantabanji
18th June 2011
Seeking interns in new political culture
29th June 2010
Balangir MP Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo submits a proposal for construction of check-dams 
 29th May, 2010
Green Tribunal Bill : Young Turks convince Jairam to bring in changes
22nd April, 2010
Balangir MP Kalikesh Narayan Singh Deo urges CM to set up solar power park in Balangir
16th March 2010